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We are a Social Enterprise Business

We named our social enterprise business "Tugende Design" which means "Let's Go" in  Luganda, a local language in Uganda. The name reflects our committment and vision to act, and to help vulnerable children and women in  Uganda. Our products are designed to be unique, colorful and bold for women on the go. We provide sustainable income to women in poverty and we use fair trade practices in order to uplift communities. Many of our products are also made from recycled paper, textbooks and fabric scraps. And, we also give back to support community projects. 


Dr. Monica Swahn is the Executive Director and Creative Designer at Tugende Design, but she also does global health research as a Distinguished Professor in the School of Public Health at Georgia State University and Makerere University in Uganda. Read more about her work on our sister site: tugendedesign.org or view some YouTube clips #GSUganda. Engage with us on social media and give us feedback about our products.

Make a difference, support us and uplift communities in Uganda.

No need to wait, le's go.


Meet Anna who sews beautiful bags!

She works so hard and she has multiple jobs. But, most days she sews on her Singer, pedal sewing machine in the Namuwongo Slums in Kampala. She loves sewing African fabric bags and her creativity and workmanship outstanding! Take a look at some of her African Print bags and those other women have made. 

Look at our beautiful paper beads!

You may wonder, why wear paper beads? But they aren't what you think! They are colorful, unique, and amazingly durable (they have been lacquered). Besides, they are made from recycled magazines and books. And, some of them also have African Fabric. Give them a try! We also have stunning bags made from paper beads -and African Print and Kitenge, real conversation pieces.

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Tugende Design

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